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With Vito Di Modugno, Tonino Semeraro and Mario Rosini At her beginnings Jazz'n Samba
with Guido Di Leone, Michele Vurchio, Angelo Adamo and Paolo Romano
Memorie d'Italy
with Angelo Adamo, Guido Di Leone, Marco Micheli and Gianni Cazzola
With Guido Di Leone, Mimmo Campanale, Mario Andriulli and Maurizio Quintavalle Jazz Studio Orchestra

Festival del Pentagramma 1999

With Attilio Zanchi and Enzo Falco With Mario Rosini, Enzo Falco, Poldo Sebastiani and Guido Di Leone
With Tiziana Ghiglioni With Guido Di Leone, Poldo Sebastiani and Tiziana Ghiglioni With Mark Murphy
With Franco Cerri With Franco Cerri With Franco Cerri
With Gianni Basso With Tomaso Lama With Gloria Christian
Words on Piano
with Davide Santorsola, Guido Di Leone, Giuseppe Bassi and Mimmo Campanale
Duo with Guido Di Leone With Poldo Sebastiani
With Dado Moroni Omaggio a F. Sinatra
with Ettore Carucci and Piero Dotti
With Massimo Manzi
With Poldo Sebastiani and Francesco Lomagistro With Angelo Adamo With Rita Marcotulli and Bebo Ferra
With Renato Sellani With Renato Sellani Trio de Janeiro
with Gilson Silveira
Falando de Jobim
With Giuseppe Bassi, Enzo Zirilli, Gennaro Mele (sound engineer), Guido Di Leone and Barend Middelhoff
With Barend Middelhoff
Falando de Jobim
with Guido Di Leone, Barend Middelhoff and Giuseppe Bassi
With Noa and Gil Door With Noa and le Faraualla With Larrio Ekson and Faraualla
With Maria Pia De Vito and Paolino Dalla Porta Duo with Mario Rosini With Roy Hargrove
With Joel Framm With Hamid Drake in Milan With Gianni Basso
With Daniele Scannapieco With Mario Biondi With Gerald Clayton
With Jo Sanders With Justin Brown With Jo Lovano

Ph. Massimo Marciano

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